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Our priorities

Our priorities

The main priorities of the Parliamentary Forum for Democracy are:

  • To stand in solidarity with democrats struggling for freedom around the world;
  • To strengthen democratic parliaments, particularly in new and emerging democracies; and
  • To advocate in legislatures and other national and regional bodies for greater and more effective democracy assistance.


To advance these priorities, the PFD uses its good offices and that of its members to call attention to undemocratic practices, political repression, and human rights abuses in non-democratic countries, and to serve as a solidarity network that provides political support for those who seek to bring about democratic reform in their countries. The PFD encourages its members to bring attention to these issues, mobilize their colleagues on democracy and human rights issues both at home and abroad, and share experiences and practical knowledge with their parliamentary peers and civic activists in developing democracies and undemocratic states. The PFD defends duly elected parliamentarians who face repression or anti-democratic behavior, such as being denied their right to assume their mandates or perform basic parliamentary functions of law-making, oversight, and representation. The PFD advances and strengthens international norms recognized by the United Nations (UN), the Community of Democracies (CoD), and multilateral bodies that uphold the right of all people to associate and assemble freely, to conduct activities peacefully, and to receive international support.  Additionally, the PFD further strengthens efforts to promote democratization and good governance as the best means of advancing both economic growth and social justice, including poverty reduction, sustainable development, and gender equality.

Note: This information is derived from the PFD’s draft statement of purpose.